Who Can Attend?

Current Preferred AWPA Vendors and AWPA Members may attend.

How Do I Register?

If you are a current AWPA Preferred Vendor, you have received an email with a private registration link. Registration is not available via this page.

How do I Become an AWPA Preferred Vendor?

If you did not receive an email invitation to this vendor mixer, we invite you to strive for a position on the AWPA Preferred Vendor List. 

To read requirements, visit our Vendor page.

Welcome AWPA preferred vendors!

You are the best of the best. This month we have a special treat in store!

Contributing Vendors:

Mercury Hall | Pink Avocado

Premiere Events | Eclipse Event Co.

Hyde Park Photography

Groove Labs | Kaci Blagrave- Sanchez

Exquisite Petals | Bat City Beats

Simon Lee Bakery | Méldeen

Party at the Moontower Rentals | Loot Rentals

Our next vendor mixer will be in October.

annual AWPA MEETING Schedule:

January 2019- Third Thursday, evening; Members, Preferred Vendors, Significant Others (Gala)

February - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

March - Third Tuesday, evening; Members, Preferred Vendors (Vendor Mixer)

April - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

May - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members, New Vendors (New Vendor Expo)

June - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

July - Third Tuesday, evening; Members, Preferred Vendors (Vendor Mixer)

August - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

September - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

October - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members, Preferred Vendors (Vendor Mixer)

November - Second Wednesday, 10:45am; All Event Industry Professionals (Luncheon)

December - Second Tuesday, 10:45am; Members only (Luncheon / Holiday Party)