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AWPA wedding planners are held to a higher standard and are therefore, Austin's premiere wedding planners and coordinators. Members strive to collaborate and work within a code of ethics that sets them apart. We attract hard working, local to Austin, wedding planners because they see the value in cohesion, education and quality vendors that can be trusted. An attitude of community over competition is what propels our members towards success as they realize that rising tides lift all ships. Austin truly carries enough business for us all and when we work together, our market is stronger and better for the couples that marry in our community. 

Amber Anderson - Heavenly Day Events

Amy Wilson - Eclipse Event Co. 

Angel Carter - Austin Event Angels

Ashlee Voda - Mrs. Planner

Bekah Laine - Bekah Laine Events

Cassie Crudo - Bride's Best Friend

Cassie Morales - Heavenly Day Events

Cheryl Bailey - Yellow Umbrella Events

Cheryl Fernandes - Glitzzy Events

Jennifer Ashford - Altar Ego Weddings

Jesse Martin - Royal Fig Catering (Vendor Representative)

Jessica Moore - Something to Celebrate 

Kierstin Shupack - Lovely Day Events

Kristi DePew - Eclipse Event Co.

Lauren Chumbley - Eclipse Event Co. 

Melanie Richardson - Something to Celebrate

Samantha Rosenberg - Samantha Elizabeth Events 

Tiffany Averill - Carefree Weddings

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