Through a spirit of collaboration, we are a group of competitors that were willing to talk about the industry and its needs. One gathering turned into another and then another. Today, we are a group professionals that value community over competition and have a desire to elevate and improve the Austin Wedding Market one conversation at a time.

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Jessica Moore 


Something to Celebrate, event planning and design

Established 2005

Master Level 

Credentials- Bachelor of Arts from Trinity University, wedding planner certifications from ABC and WPI, former Vice President of AWEC, former member ILEA, AWPA founding member and board member


"AWPA is invaluable to me, as we strive to form collaborative relationships and friendships with those who would otherwise be no more than our competitors. Rising tides lift all boats, and we all have so much to gain from working together to improve the already high standard of wedding planning in the beautiful city of Austin."


Jennifer Ashford 


Altar Ego Weddings

Established 2007

Master Level

Credentials: Bachelor of Science and MBA from UT Arlington, Certified Wedding Planner through AACWP, AACWP Board of Directors - Education Chair 2015-2017, AACWP Course Facilitator / Instructor and mentor,  ILEA Member, AWPA founding member and board member

"I'm excited to be a part of AWPA because we need camaraderie among wedding planners. We all have so much to learn from each other!  We should all be lifting each other up!"


Angel Carter 


Austin Event Angels

Established 2015

Professional Level

Credentials- Certified Wedding Planner through NEAWP, AWPA founding member and board member


"AWPA inspires me! We each have a passion to serve not just our brides but the Austin wedding industry through professional growth, inspiration and education. I'm honored to be a part of that kind of selflessness and positive impact!"


Ashlee Voda 


Mrs. Planner

Established 2010

Professional Level

Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Communications from The University of Texas at Arlington, Certified through American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. AWPA Founding Member and Board Member.


"AWPA allows us to grow in our career by providing continuous education specific to our field. In this group of trained professionals, opportunities for support and collaboration are limitless. Together, we can set a higher standard of services that the industry pays attention to because when we combine efforts we are all more successful for our clients."



Ashley Ramirez


Eighteenth Avenue Events

Established 2009

Professional Level

Credentials- Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from San Diego State University, AWPA founding member and board member


"AWPA feels like family to me. It is so comforting to feel like we work together as creatives, supporting each other, growing and learning together instead of looking at each other as competition."


Amber Anderson


Heavenly Day Events

Established 2010

Master Level

Credentials- Bachelor of Arts from Dallas Baptist University, Refine Course graduate, AWPA founding member and board member


"I could not be more proud to be a part of the efforts AWPA is taking to create efficiency, consistency and better service across the Austin Market. We each have our own niche and specialties but my ultimate goal is for our planner community to be on the same page when working with vendors and venues."

Cheryl AWPA Headshot.jpg

Cheryl Bailey 


Yellow Umbrella Events

Established 2010

Professional Level 

Credentials: Love Mexico Certified Destination Wedding Planner, Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist (DWHSA) Certified, Hyatt Ziva Preferred Agent Certification, IATA Member, Founding Member AWPA


 "I'd love to see the Austin wedding and events industry grow and flourish and I believe that education and mentorship are key components of that growth. AWPA will allow members of the events community to come along side new wedding planners and help them on their road to success."


Lauren Chumbley


Eclipse Event Co

Established 2015

Professional Level

Credentials- .Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from The University of Texas at Austin, Certification in Meeting and Event Planning from Austin Community College. AWPA founding member.


"I stand behind AWPA and its principals of elevating the standards and ethics in the Austin Wedding Industry. I'm excited to collaborate with my peers who inspire me professionally and personally!"


Solrun Erlingsdottir


Electric Purple Events

Established 2016

Novice Level

Credentials: Trained Wedding Planner through AACWP, Member of ILEA, AWPA Founding Member


"I'm a member of AWPA because I believe that we are all stronger when we come together."  


Samantha Rosenberg


Samantha Elizabeth Events

Established 2013

Professional Level

Credentials: BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University, WPI Certified Wedding Planner, AWPA Founding Member


"I am excited about joining a group of planners dedicated to working together as a team to further elevate the wedding industry as a whole.  We each have so many different talents, abilities, and gifts and I believe we will be stronger as an industry if we work together!"

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Jesse Martin 



Royal Fig Catering 

14 years in the industry (7 years wtih hotels and catering companies in Nashville, 7 years in Austin at Royal Fig Catering)

Credentials: Bachelors of Science from Middle Tennessee State University in Political Science. Nominated and elected by AWPA to represent the vendor community.

"Austin is such an exciting city for weddings and events. It has so much talent among it's planners and vendors who choose to practice their craft here. AWPA brings all those talents together and helps with collaborating ideas and provides a platform for open communication. AWPA is just the tool needed to help all of us in this community communicate and grow together both personally and as a team of vendors in this market."