why “day of coordination” does not exist

Day of Coordinator - we hear this term all the time from The Knot, Wedding Wire, venues and more, but does it really exist?

Sidebar: Would you hire a lawyer, hand them your notes and talking points on your court date and trust them to represent you? No, that would be terrifying! How could they possibly know enough about you to represent you or know the details of everything that’s happened in order to thoroughly understand how to best approach your defense?

Weddings are similar! They’re so personal and each one is so different that it takes time to bring me up to speed on what’s important to you. We help to create a timeline that makes sense for your goals and culture as well as set up all your vendors to be successful. You do this once, we do this every day. Please let us put our experience to work!

There is no way for me to understand all of the details of your wedding, the why, the culture, importance of that specific detail, or to understand the breadth of my decision making power without advance interaction with you (and your vendors). After all, it’s your wedding and I’m representing your interests, planning, and investment.

As your coordinator, it’s my role to review what’s been planned with a fine-toothed comb to help make sure we are as prepared as possible for the wedding day. Once I’m up to speed, I can quickly identify what areas may need more attention or details that may have been overlooked. In our thorough review, we’re able to catch these items early enough to correct them. If we walked in the wedding day with the notes and orders provided to us, we would not have the ability to add that extra linen for the sign in table, ensure that the ceremony song cues match among all the different parties involved and so much more. We would only be reactionary instead of prevention.

In order to do my job well, I need to walk into the wedding day armed with answers for vendors, troubleshooting ideas that still serve my client’s goals and culture and a thorough understanding of what’s provided by each vendor in order to prevent items falling through the cracks.