WHAT: AWPA is an Austin-based community of professional wedding planners who are committed to modeling exemplary standards in ethics, fostering relationships within the local wedding industry and developing better business practices through continuing education in an ever-changing industry.

WHY: We value community over competition and want to rethink best practices.

WHO: Membership in AWPA is for select planners who demonstrate excellent event planning skills and adhere to a professional code of ethics. Members represent the best of every price point and style, able to meet the needs of all Austin weddings. Additionally, AWPA members are dedicated to wedding plans that are thoroughly and clearly communicated, creating a standard in which an emergency plan could be executed without confusion in their absence.

HOW: AWPA Members foster relationships with each other and AWPA Preferred Vendors through monthly social events, seminars, and private Facebook groups.


Planner Luncheons- are for planner members only. Non-member planners are invited to attend up to two Planner Luncheons before joining. 

Membership Requirements-

  • Attend a minimum of 6 meetings per year

  • Assist in planning or co-planning 1 meeting per year

  • Remain in good standing with the code of ethics

  • Serve on a Committee

  • Stay current on dues


Vendor Mixers- are by invite, for AWPA Preferred Vendors and planner members only. AWPA Planners appreciate these quarterly opportunities to network with only the best of the Austin wedding vendor community. 

Preferred Vendor List- is by invite only. Each planner member lists the vendors (specific person, not company) that we would recommend without hesitation to our clients. Once two planners endorse the same vendor, that vendor is then added to the AWPA Preferred Vendor list, entitling them to be invited to Vendor Mixers and allowing their inclusion in the AWPA Preferred Vendor Facebook group. The list is continuously revised, reflecting members’ current experiences with vendors. If a vendor has worked with at least two AWPA planners, they’re welcome to reach out to those planners and ask for their endorsement. This process ensures that this is a highly vetted networking experience, making it more valuable to all involved. 

Preferred Vendor Facebook Group- Vendors currently included in the AWPA Preferred Vendor list are invited to participate in our private Facebook group. Referrals and conversations are done in this vetted and confidential place.

Vendor Expos- are for vendors who have not yet had the opportunity to work with at least two AWPA Planners, making these vendors new to AWPA. For a small fee, these new vendors are able to host a booth showcasing their talents, and join the Planners for lunch where we get to know each other. Space is limited to 10-12 vendors, and must be reserved in advance. Vendors must meet certain criteria to be considered.


As professional, independent wedding vendors, we strive to educate, advance and promote the Austin wedding and event industry and its network of professionals. To that end, we:

  • Shall strive to cooperate with colleagues, vendors, associates and all persons in the event industry in order to provide the highest quality of service at every level of event planning.

  • Shall not advertise/market/promote in a false or inaccurate manner.

  • Shall not generate income in any way that could be deemed not in the best interest of the client. This includes, but is not limited to, making decisions on vendor usage with the expectation of vendor referral fees or commissions.

  • Shall individually encourage constructive dialogue between colleagues.

  • Shall not defame any member of the event community, by making false statements and accusations that will potentially injure his or her reputation or personal integrity.

  • Shall not commit plagiarism or theft of intellectual property. Preferred Vendors are prohibited from copying or closely imitating the language or expressed thoughts of a colleague without direct and prior permission from said colleague. Preferred Vendors are not to present the creations of others as their own.

  • Preferred Vendors shall uphold professional working standards, including but not limited to abstaining from alcohol while working an event, dressing appropriately at client meetings and weddings, and arriving on time at client meetings and events.

  • Add something about not competing with planners but instead encouraging clients to hire independent planners.