We value our preferred Austin wedding vendor partners. These are the vendors who demonstrate exemplary ethics and advocate for the value of a qualified wedding planner, vendors who fulfill their contracts and often even go beyond, and who know how to make it right when a mistake is made. These are the vendors who are a joy to work with and who we don't hesitate to recommend to our clients and colleagues.

To honor these vendors, we invite them exclusively to our quarterly Vendor Mixers so that our fellow AWPA members can get to know them in a vetted networking environment, void of pay to play. 


  • live in the Austin area

  • demonstrate the ethics and standards of AWPA

  • be recommended by at least 2 different AWPA members from different companies, regarding a full wedding worked together (you are welcome to contact planners you have worked with and request that they place your name on the list)

  • have no grievances filed by AWPA members within the past two years 

  • if you haven't worked with an AWPA member, we invite you to collaborate on one of our events so we can see you in action, opening doors for working with our clients, the path to joining our list. 

As a vendor, you will not be notified when added to or removed from the AWPA Preferred Vendor List, rather you simply will or will not receive an invitation to each of our quarterly Vendor Mixers. 

For more information, please visit our FAQ page. 



If you feel you meet the qualifications of the AWPA Preferred Vendors but are a new business or simply have not had the opportunity to work with any current AWPA members, you are invited to participate in our annual New Vendor Expo, hosted each March. Upon verification that you're new to all current AWPA members, you'll be invited to participate for a fee of $135. In this luncheon where you'll have a table set-up to showcase your services and enjoy lunch with our wedding planners. If interested, please let us know at planners@awpaustin.com.

This event is advertised as a marketing opportunity and is not considered a showcase of our preferred vendors as we do not accept payment for referring vendors to one another. 

AWPA Vendor Representative: 

As a means of keeping balance and an outside voice of accountability and perspective, one Austin wedding vendor will be elected as the AWPA Vendor Representative for the year.


  • Exclusively the only non-planner wedding vendor permitted in AWPA meetings and events, as well as Board of Directors meetings

  • Listing on AWPA website 

  • Membership in private AWPA facebook group

  • Participation in AWPA vendor mixers, gala, and general membership luncheons 

  • Voting in AWPA elections and gala award nominations


As professional, independent wedding vendors, we strive to educate, advance and promote the Austin wedding and event industry and its network of professionals. To that end, we:

  • Shall strive to cooperate with colleagues, vendors, associates and all persons in the event industry in order to provide the highest quality of service at every level of event planning.

  • Shall not advertise/market/promote in a false or inaccurate manner.

  • Shall not generate income in any way that could be deemed not in the best interest of the client. This includes, but is not limited to, making decisions on vendor usage with the expectation of vendor referral fees or commissions.

  • Shall individually encourage constructive dialogue between colleagues.

  • Shall not defame any member of the event community, by making false statements and accusations that will potentially injure his or her reputation or personal integrity.

  • Shall not commit plagiarism or theft of intellectual property. Preferred Vendors are prohibited from copying or closely imitating the language or expressed thoughts of a colleague without direct and prior permission from said colleague. Preferred Vendors are not to present the creations of others as their own.

  • Preferred Vendors shall uphold professional working standards, including but not limited to abstaining from alcohol while working an event, dressing appropriately at client meetings and weddings, and arriving on time at client meetings and events.

  • Encourage clients to hire independent planners.