As professional, independent wedding planners, we strive to educate, advance and promote the Austin wedding and event industry and its network of professionals. To that end, we:

1. Shall strive to cooperate with colleagues, vendors, associates and all persons in the event industry in order to provide the highest quality of service at every level of event planning.

2. Shall not advertise/market/promote in a false or inaccurate manner.

3. Shall not generate income in any way that could be deemed not in the best interest of the client. This includes, but is not limited to, making decisions on vendor usage with the expectation of vendor referral fees or commissions.

4. Shall attend educational programs to increase professional growth and knowledge of the industry.

5. Shall individually contribute expertise to meetings and encourage constructive dialogue between colleagues.

6. Shall subscribe to AWPA bylaws and standing rules.

7. Shall not defame any member or non-member, by making false statements and accusations that will potentially injure his or her reputation or personal integrity.

8. Shall not suggest our own non-planning services for hire within any AWPA related forums including but not limited to the AWPA facebook group, AWPA meetings and AWPA vendor mixers. There are two exceptions to this rule:

9. Members are permitted to suggest our own non-planning services in response to another member’s explicit request for information regarding that specific service/product; and

10. Members are permitted to promote our own non-planning services at an AWPA-sponsored event if those services have been utilized for that particular event, having met the requirements of a preferred AWPA vendor.

11. Shall not commit plagiarism or theft of intellectual property. AWPA members are prohibited from copying or closely imitating the language or expressed thoughts of a colleague (AWPA member or otherwise) without direct and prior permission from said colleague. AWPA members are not to present the creations of others as their own.

12. Shall keep confident within AWPA any vendor feedback as shared by any member or non-member.

13. Members shall uphold professional working standards, including but not limited to abstaining from alcohol while working, dressing appropriately and arriving on time.