You may register for this event if you HAVE RECEIVED A PERSONALIZED INVITATION.
please read the faq’s below before registering. you can bring a guest!

As an AWPA preferred vendor you are the best of the best.  We take pride in our exclusive vendor list and want you to as well.
This is a private page which is only shared with members and preferred vendors. 

The Inviting Pear

Dear AWPA Preferred Vendor and Members, you and a personal guest are invited to join us for our twist on a gala - ELEVATE! We will celebrate our preferred vendors and have the board turnover for 2019. Please read FAQ’s below.

Don your “icy best attire.” Click HERE for inspiration.
Use #elevate2019 on social media!
Register below by January 10, 2019!

Contributing Vendors:
Lakeway Resort & Spa | Jessica Frey Photography
LeForce Entertainment | The Bloom Bar
The Pictures Band | Unique Designs & Events
Jen Krause Calligraphy & Design
Premiere Events | Cakes ROCK
ILC Films | Mike’s Dance Floors
Full Spectrum Ice

If you did not receive an email invitation to this vendor mixer, we invite you to strive for a position on the AWPA Preferred Vendor List.  To read requirements, visit our Vendor page.

Our next vendor mixer will be in March 2019. 

Elevate FAQ's

Q: Who is invited?
A:  The individual to whom the email was sent is invited.  AWPA invitations are intended for a particular person at a company, not the entire company.  For example, if is invited, Sally is the one invited, not Ted.

Q: Can I bring someone?
A:  Yes, both AWPA members and preferred vendors may purchase a ticket for one additional person if you so desire. For this event, we’d love for that person to be a personal guest, such as your significant other.  Please do not invite a separate vendor who is not on our list.  This defeats the purpose of YOU being our preferred vendor.   If you don’t have a +1, we want you to come yourself. We are all friends here and we want everyone to get to know each other!

Q: I received an invitation, but I can't attend the gala.  May I send someone else from my company?
A:  No; stand-ins are not permitted to attend.  The purpose of our exclusive and individual-based preferred vendor list is to get to know   YOU.  Two planning companies have vouched for YOU personally for your excellent product and customer services.  Not all   representatives of all companies provide the same level of service.  So Sally cannot send Ted in her place.  Ted may only attend if Sally is   in attendance.

Q: Can more than one representative from the same company receive an invitation to the AWPA Elevate?
A:  Absolutely!  If AWPA members love working with both Sally and Ted, they may both receive their own invitations to attend.  In that case, each of them would be allowed to bring a +1.  

Elevate 2019
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annual Schedule:

January - Third Thursday, evening; Members, Preferred Vendors, Significant Others (Gala)

February - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

March - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members, Preferred Vendors (Vendor Mixer)

April - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

May - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members, New Vendors (New Vendor Expo)

June - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

July - Third Tuesday, evening; Members, Preferred Vendors (Vendor Mixer)

August - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

September - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members and Future Members (Luncheon)

October - Third Tuesday, 10:45am; Members, Preferred Vendors (Vendor Mixer)

November - Second Wednesday, 10:45am; All Event Industry Professionals (Luncheon)

December - Second Tuesday, 10:45am; Members only (Luncheon / Holiday Party)